Services Vehicle owners, parents, delivery, transportation, trucking, mobile service companies, private investigators and many others can all benefit from our tracking software and service. Knowing where your vehicles, employees and physical assets are in real-time on your computer/mobile it is a valuable management and cost-control tool as it.

• Provides single platform for multiple target tracking such as Vehicle, Individual and Asset Tracking.
• Improves driver and content security
• Improves driver performance
• Maximized vehicle utilization
• Satisfies parents
• Improves employee productivity for marketing/sales company.

In case of import or export of the products this technology can assure the security and the information about the delivery at the right places. This also provides the shield of protection to the supply whether domestic or international.

Such sophisticated technology available at low cost creates good options for businessman to enhance his services for example a logistics company, or courier one. They can locate their vehicle in the fleet at any point of time and coordinate accordingly to its destination thus resulting in optimum utilization of the resources with efficiency it enables the fleet operators to protect their vehicles from remote places.
Advanced technology is attracting more businesses due to the supply of efficient tracking devices. As the enhanced technology enters the domain, companies makes its use to better their manufacturing techniques which in turn reduces their input cost of the product giving even consumer a relief.

Features and benefits:

  • Handy and Convenient
  • Tracks device and provides directions.
  • Tracks marketing/sales employees working on field
  • Used by police officers to know the place from where the call has put.
  • To track your loved ones.
  • If you are lost somewhere, you can easily use the navigation system to reach safely back home.
  • Used by the vehicle companies to ensure the safety of their vehicle likes bikes, scooters or cars.
  • Track & save your trips
  • Share them with friends
  • View your trips in google maps
  • Show friends your location
  • No need of separate d electronic devices, GPS and cell phones works together
  • Real-time GPS updates help you manage your business
  • Mobile mapping allows you to track your assets wherever you are
  • Easy-to-use interface and carrier -certified GPS devices
  • Track your employees, your vehicles and your inventory